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Introduction to Horary Astrology online 9 weeks

Classes currently in progress (Fall 2022), contact Elena if you'd like to join next cohort.

This class is an in-depth introduction to traditional western horary astrology.  Students can expect to leave this class with a structured approach to horary charts interpretation, while building confidence in their interpretation. The class is best for students familiar with astrological basics, although no prior horary knowledge is required.  The unique quality of this class making it different form other programs small size group (no more than 8 people usually), face to face mentoring with the instructor Elena Lumen, and many opportunities for hands on practice. 

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Zodiac Chart

Next class fall/winter 2022

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The goal of electional astrology is to determine the most favorable time for any significant activity – whether it is an important purchase, a wedding, surgery, or a job interview. In this introductory webinar, Elena Lumen will introduce students to the basic principles of this magical practice. Electional astrology is based on the principles of traditional western astrology. This class is suitable to modern and traditional astrologers, who are sufficiently familiar with the astrology basics (planets, signs, and aspects).

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Basic principles of election

  • Election by the Moon (simplified daily elections)

  • Case studies

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Group Meeting

Horary/Natal Practice groups

Currently (Fall 2022) 2 groups are ongoing

Please visit home page for the up to date info about the ongoing groups:

Intermediate to advanced weekly horary and predictive astrology group on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm PST (Los Angeles) 

Horary/Natal group on Weds at 3 pm PST . This is ongoing group for practice and honing one's delineation skills. It runs for 3 weeks in a month, with a one week break. Students can sign for 3 week segment, or continue as long as they need. Cost $75/month. Contact Elena or the Academy of International Astrology
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Astronomical Clock

Solar Returns and Profections Class

Using profection (yearly) lords and solar return for yearly forecasting is an accurate and easy to follow traditional astrological technique. In this lecture we will discuss principles and real life examples of analyzing solar returns, comparing them to the nativity, and using profection houses and lords to identify areas of strength or challenges for the years.

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