Horary/Electional Practicum Class at the International Academy of Astrology: register for next class in summer 2020, stay tuned for the exact date

February 1, 2020


This practicum class is designed to complement theoretical knowledge gained in traditional western horary or electional classes offered at the IAA or other schools of astrology. The practicum is open to students of all traditions but operates on the principles of traditional western astrology. Students or practicing astrologers could bring their questions and elections to discuss in a lively group format. Alternatively, the instructor will provide cases from her cases for practice and discussion.
* Basic knowledge of horary or electional astrology is required.

* Practicum class is offered monthly, and can be repeated as many times as desired (with the break for the horary or electional class taught by Elena)

To our knowledge, this is a unique opportunity to improve and develop practical skills in interpreting the charts with a direct guidance of an experienced horary and electional astrologer.
More info or register here

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