Webinar on elections for the PSA, Apr 6 2020, 6 pm PDT online

Webinar (date tbd) April 2021, 7-9 pm PDT Introduction to Electional Astrology

What is electional astrology and how can it add to the astrologer's toolbox?

The goal of electional astrology is to determine the most favorable time for any significant activity – whether it is an important purchase, a wedding, surgery, or a job interview. In this webinar, Elena Lumen will introduce students to the foundational principles of this magical practice (some consider it astrological magic). This class is based on the principles of traditional western astrology, but is suitable for modern and traditional learners, who are familiar with astrological basics (planets, signs, and aspects).

The following topics will be discussed:

* Basic principles of election

* Election by the Moon (simplified daily elections)

* Case studies

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