Advanced Horary Practice Group weekly on Fridays, 3 PM PST/ 9 AM AT

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This group currently has an opening for a new member, and is designed to support students in building confidence and interpretation skills in horary and electional astrology. This group is best for advanced students of horary astrology who are familiar with the astrological theory but wish to practice in a supportive environment and discuss their case files.

The groups will run for 2 hours weekly and is ongoing. We will discuss horary and electional charts proposed by students or the instructor. We will also review writings by the traditional authors: Lilly, Bonatti, Sahl, and others. Elena Lumen's training and practice are rooted in Medieval and Renaissance astrology, but the group is inclusive to other time periods.

Cost $25/group or $100/month (sliding scale is available for people based on need). This is a committed group, and as we will be discussing personal and private charts, it is anticipated that students will participate consistently.

Contact Elena via the contact page to get more info or to register.

Payments can be made to

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