Introduction to Horary Astrology at PSA, 6 sessions online: April 22, 2021, 7.30 pm Pacific Time

Introduction to classical horary astrology class is offered at the Portland school of Astrology as part of the second year studies, but is open to students outside of the program.

This class is designed to provide a step by step introduction to the traditional horary technique and practice. Familiarity with the astrological basics like planets, signs, and houses is required, but no prior horary experience is needed to master the class. It is also a good introductory class to the traditional western astrology.

In addition to discussing all important horary principles required for a clear and informed judgment, students will learn how to integrate and delineate the chart symbolism with confidence. Elena's students value her ability to present complex material in a clear form, and individual mentoring she provides to her students. This class is best for those, who want a structured approach to study but also want an interactive relationship with the instructor.

Class Meeting 1: Intro to Horary Astrology

Horary history, considerations before judgment, identifying significators, review of house meanings.

Class Meeting 2: House strengths and the Moon in horary charts

House strengths, the lunar influences in horary, VOC Moon

Class Meeting 3: Planets, Planetary scoring, Dignities and Debilities

Essential nature, speeds, aspects, dignifies and debilities

Class Meeting 4: Main Steps of Delineation, receptions

Building a structured approach to horary, timing in horary

Class Meeting 5: Relationships Charts, in love or war, Lost and found

Main principles and examples.

Class Meeting 6: Career Charts, Financial matters

Main principles and examples.

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