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Solar and Lunar returns for stellar predictions class April 2024

Using solar and lunar returns provides astrologers with powerful techniques for predictions. Solar return is calculated for the time the Sun returns to its natal position at birth, and is used for yearly forecasting. Lunar return is a chart for when the Moon returns to its natal position, and helps fine tune the predictions or find specific time periods for important events. In this 5 weeks class, we will build up foundations and structured approach to interpreting solar returns and lunar returns making accurate yearly forecasts.

  1. Interpreting SR as a stand alone chart

  2. Relations between Nativity and SR

  3. Imposing Solar Return over Natal, and Natal over Solar Return

  4. Profected year lord and house in SR

  5. Lunar returns for fine tune timing prediction.

  6. Transits to SR as triggers of events

  7. Practice class to apply all the theories learned

Whether we are looking to forecast general themes of the year, or to answer specific questions when something important may occur (e.g. pregnancy, sale, or job finding), these techniques are a must in every astrologer’s toolkit. This class is best suited for those having basic understanding of natal charts and intermediate to advanced students of astrology. No prior experience with Solar Returns is needed but understanding how to read a chart, and basics of astrology are important to follow the class.

When: April 2024.

Where: Online for LCAA Details forthcoming.


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