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About Elena Lumen, Phd

Elena Lumen, PhD, is a traditional astrologer, psychologist, and a holistic healer and counselor with a busy online consulting and teaching practice. Dr Lumen began her discovery of traditional western astrology in the 1990s . She has been influenced by the teachers like Deborah Houlding, Ben Dykes, Demetra George, and many others.

Dr Lumen specializes in classical western astrology with an emphasis on horary, predictive, and electional techniques. She  researches mental health issues in traditional astrology, as well as Persian and Arabic astrology.

She is faculty at the International Academy of astrology, and principle at her own school, Lumen School of Classical Astrology, where teachers classes in horary, predictive, and electional astrology. Dr Lumen is a frequent lecturer at the astrological conferences and  organizations world wide. She currently hosts two practice groups focusing on horary and predictive astrology.

In 2011, Dr Lumen completed her dissertation on the archetypal and psychological value of astrology for meaning finding at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in California. After graduation, she had worked as a creative expression and trauma oriented psychotherapist for a decade.


Dr Lumen provides consultations to a broad international clientele, as an astrologer, trauma oriented counselor, and spiritual guide using her own unique method of healing and guidance.

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