About Elena Lumen, Phd

Elena is a traditional astrologer and life coach with a busy online consulting practice. Elena started her discovery of traditional astrology in the 1990s, when she first encountered writings and teachings of the Renaissance French astrologer Jean-Baptist Morin. In 2013, she completed The Horary Astrology Certificate with Deborah Houlding, a leading specialist in traditional western astrology.

Elena specializes in classical western astrology with an emphasis on horary, predictive, and electional techniques. In 2011, Elena completed her dissertation on the archetypal and psychological value of astrology for meaning finding at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.  Since 2015, Elena has been teaching horary and electional astrology classes at Kepler College, and since 2018 at the International Academy of Astrology, lecturing on traditional technique, horary and electional astrology.

Elena currently has openings for horary or electional consultations.





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