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Students about the classes:

I thoroughly enjoyed studying horary astrology with Elena Lumen. She was very thorough in presentation and we spent a lot of time working on in-class examples. Everyone had an opportunity to share their voice and learning from the insights of others was expansive. Elena taught me to trust my intuition when interpreting the chart, and that was beneficial to me not only with astrology - but in so many others areas of my life.  
Christine L. , 2020

Elena's program is presented in a step-by-step manner that consolidates all the history of Horary in an organized fashion. She covered all the topics asked in a horary. She provided many difficult examples for the students to practice with. I still follow her program to this day. Horary is so important in an Astrologer's toolbox. It can be used for Medical, Relationships, Career, and if no time known, a Consultation Chart and so much more. I highly recommend Elena's Course.
Joyce B, 2020

This was an awesome [electional] class. Elena is an excellent teacher and has a wealth of information. She’s offering a horary class soon!
Signee H., 2019


"As a novice to astrology, I did not know what to expect from a first reading. Elena Lumen immediately put me at ease with her calm, caring, and spiritual demeanor, and I felt instantly comfortable discussing many aspects of my life with her. I found her reading to be incredibly insightful, informative, and educational, and it was extremely fascinating to learn more about myself and my life from an astrological perspective. I trust Elena's intelligence and insight and I look forward to a continued partnership with her as I continue to learn about myself through each step of life."

- Monica C., January 2011



"I am a medical doctor, and a neuroscientist, and I did not believe in value of astrological readings until I started working with Elena. Elena Lumen has a natural talent in reading human destinies; more than that, she advises how to highlight in one's awareness and action the positive side of things, and to work constructively in most  difficult circumstances. Besides, Elena brings into her work a combined expertise of an engineer, and a master-crafts(wo)man who is deeply committed to her art. She keeps developing her skill, both by learning deeper her ancient art, and by using the modern methods of scientific research. Her help is invaluable for conscious living,  for deeper self-knowledge, and for simply making the best of one's life."

Olga L, M.D., Ph.D., July 2010


"I've known Elena for 15 years. She is a good friend and our personal adviser. She helped me to pick the best day and time for my wedding. When my kids was born she helped me to understand their personality better .We call her any time when we need advice in order to make an important decision.I think astrology has practical solutions to a lot of big events in your life

like choosing the best day for a wedding, moving, starting a family or changing jobs."

Oksana D., June 2010


"Elena helped me greatly with her astrology work in the last few years. Those were times when I was depressed from a breakup, felt stressed out with financial uncertainty, and could not get back together by myself. With her deep understanding of astrology, Elena helped me understand what kind of astrological transitions I was going through, and when things would begin to turn around. Her reading offered not only support and understanding, but also hope and passion. I vividly remember those moments when I left the sessions feeling confident with myself and trusting with my life situation again. Among many good qualities that Elena has, I would say that Elena is unique as an intuitive, compassionate, and knowledgeable astrologer. She is quick in synthesizing the overall trend depicted on the chart, and patient in going into details and explaining the influences brought about by the stars. Her compassion comes through at each moment in the session - she looks for strength in the client, and offers kind suggestions in how to make the best out of the current situation. I highly recommend anyone who is considering having an astrology session to meet Elena. It is a blessing. :)”

Mei-Yan C., September 2008


"She's amazing: I can't say enough about Elena she's amazing, i have consulted her on many things and everything she says is true. I will continue to be her customer."

Stephanie P., September 2006



"Comprehensive intelligence: Since consulting Elena four years ago, I have returned 4 times and referred friends and family. Her retrospective readings were amazingly accurate and her forecasts hugely valuable. Elena explains as much as you want to know and patiently answers any questions you may have. She doesn't tell you what to do, but gives you her hunches based on your general character and personality as she perceives them, and the probabilities based on the energy alignments. If you think she got something wrong about you, you call her on it and she will tell you why she thought what she said. Usually, you can see that what sounded like a difference was her looking at something differently, in a way you might use. Other readings I have had were vague and sketchy by comparison."

Eric R., August 2006

Elena is a truly excellent astrologer.  I had a birth chart done and a snapshot of the current moment in my life and the chart reflected what was happening spot on.  Elena is warm, professional and understanding.  She holds a PhD and uses those skills and knowledge, along with intuition and the science of astrology to guide her readings.  She really is wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance.

5/5/2014, Liza W.

​I had one Horary astrology reading with Elena referred by a friend. I was in a point in life where decision in life needs to be made. Elena has given me clear answers to my question and provide positive feedback and support. I felt her answers resonant with my own intuition. She is different from conventional psychics that tells you "what to do" but instead help you to find "your own heart-felt intuition" of what is right for you at the moment.

8/29/2013, Chien L.​

Elena is a very professional and kind astrologer. She is very caring and sincere - which I think is the first quality an astrologer shall have. Her reading is very accurate and intuitive. She also places everything under the time, place and person circumstance. Elena holds a ph.d degree in psychology too so she brings a good touch of understanding of human emotions into the reading. I will recommend Elena to my friends.

4/8/2013, Lina W.

Clients about the consultations:

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