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Wednesday Practice Astrology Group online at 3 pm PST/6 PM EST monthly

This group is ongoing, and is designed to support students in building confidence and interpretation skills in horary, natal, and electional astrology. This group is best for intermediate to advanced students familiar with the astrological basics and having some prior introduction to astrology, but wanting to build their interpretation skills and get group practice.

The groups will run for 1.5 hours for 3 wees in a month, and we skip 4th. Next segment starts each month. Members can join for one round, or stay as long as they wish. We will discuss horary and electional charts proposed by students or the instructor. We will also review some of the examples by the authors like Lilly, Bonatti and others. Elena Lumen's training and practice are rooted in Medieval, Arabic, and Renaissance astrology, but the group is inclusive to all astrologers.

Cost $75/month , if student has to miss a group, they will have access to the recording

Contact Elena via the contact page to get more info or to register.


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