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Will I be able to change my job?


My client, a successful marketing executive, has recently started a job which turned out to be not as engaging and stimulating as she had hoped. She started looking for a new position and wanted to know what her prospects of finding a new job were. Interpretation: The question was asked in the hour of the Sun; my client is also represented by the Sun, the ruler of the Leo ascendant in the horary chart. The agreement between the hour and chart rulers confirms that the chart is radical (fit for judgment), and that the question is important for the client. Interestingly, the client is Leo sun sign in her birth chart, and Leo rising in the horary well describes her powerful, flamboyant and creative personality. The Sun (my client) is powerfully placed in Aries in its exaltation, which shows that the client is confident, powerful, and able. The Sun is placed in the 9 house where it rejoices. 9 house symbolizes quest for freedom, philosophy, meaning, and long-distance travels. All these positive factors suggest that my client is in a comfortable place in her career and looks for meaningful and engaging work. 9 house is a cadent house, so at the moment of the question the client does not have the strongest power and impact on the situation, which possibly explains her acceptance of a job which later fell below her expectations. The job and career are ruled by Mars, the ruler of Midheaven in this chart, placed in the second house, and retrograding in Virgo. Mars does not have dignity in Virgo and its retrograding motion points to the change of mind the client had in regards to her current job. We also notice Jupiter and Venus placed in the 10 house. Venus is especially strong being in her domicile and on the angle; she is supported by Jupiter. The presence of two benefic planets in the house of career is a very positive sign for the querent’s wish. However, events such as finding a new job are shown by the applying aspects. We do not see any major aspects between the Sun (client) and Mars, Venus or Jupiter. We now need to consider the Moon, her co-significator, placed in Aries, and on Midheaven. This is a new moon, which generally indicates a very beginning of a situation and that the querent’s is not in her strongest place yet to influence the outcome. However, in this chart the Moon is conjunct Midheaven, which give another confirmation that the querent's needs and energy is in career sector, and she wants to be active and in charge of her job search. The moon is going to conjunct Midheaven first, and then after changing signs from Aries to Taurus, will conjunct Jupiter and later Venus. The client will get a few job opportunities. Timing of the outcome: For timing we are looking at the applying aspects. Since the Moon is angular it indicates fast development of the situation. She is going to conjunct MC in two degrees, and than after 13 degrees will cross into Taurus, and in another 14 degrees will conjunct Jupiter. The timing of angular planets is fast, but fixed sign suggest longer time, I judged that she would get some opportunity within two weeks, and another one in a month. Outcome: About a month later, I received a happy note from the client that she got a new job within two weeks of our reading. Currently she feels it is a better fit for her, as it is challenging, creative and puts her in a position of authority.

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