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Electional Astrology 101

Astrologers often get requests to find most favorable and auspicious times for starting an important activity, from life-altering like wedding or business launch, to something more mundane, like a car or home purchase, or even finding time favorable for a haircut or a cosmetic procedure. There is a branch of astrology called electional astrology, which solely focuses on the principles and methods for finding best times for any important undertaking. Astrologers call them elections. Here are some of the most important principles in a good election: 1. A good election can enhance what natal or horary chart promises. In the absence of such promise, it can improve our chances for a positive outcome but rarely can override natal chart indications. However, electional astrology is more immediate and mundane, and it should be used for ensuring optimal results in any important undertaking. 2. In traditional western astrology, two most important considerations in the election are the Ascendant and the Moon. The Ascendant represents the person or activity we want to succeed, and the Moon signifies how things will unfold. We should also pay close attention to the house the election is for (e.g. 1 House - body related matters, 2 House - financial matters, 3 House - siblings and kin, 4 House - family and home matters, and so on). 3. Most important in any election is to choose a day when the Moon is in good condition (more about that below). As a matter of fact, simplified Lunar elections are the best for travel or every day use (e.g. shopping or dental visit), especially if we do not have control over the exact time when important activity would begin. We would simply choose a day when the Moon is strong without considering the time. What makes the Moon strong and favorable in the election? 4. The Moon should be free of harmful aspects of Mars and Saturn (avoid conjunction, square and opposition). Try avoiding harmful aspects of Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune (but in traditional astrology they are less commonly considered). If she is supported by aspects with benefics (Sun, Venus, or Jupiter) is good! 5. Avoid the Moon being in Scorpio or Capricorn, unless it connects with the natal chart or is connected with the desired activity. For example, the Moon in Scorpio may be good for fertility elections. Author passed a very complicated test when the Moon was in Capricorn. In general though, we prefer a dignified Moon, as she would help things flow smoothly. 6. The Moon may be in any zodiacal sign, especially if it aligns with desired activity: e.g. Moon in air signs for social events, Moon in water signs for relationship and fertility, Moon in earth signs for security and tangible results, Moon in fire sign for sports and adventure. She is strongest in Cancer (her domicile) and Taurus (her exaltation) but performs well in Jupiter ruled signs (Sagittarius or Pisces).

7. Avoid the Moon being in Via Combusta span of the zodiac between 15* Libra to 15* Scorpio, where there are many malefic fixed stars. 8. Avoid the Moon being conjunct negative fixed stars (that can be checked in the astrological software). 9. If you want things to grow and be successful, choose a waxing Moon, and if a decrease is desired (for example, start of a diet, or interest rate reduction), wanning Moon is more suitable. 10. If wishing for a quick sale of a stock or an item, the Moon in any aspect with the Sun on the angles of the electional chart is helpful and speeds the sale. 11. If investing or buying, it is favorable to buy with the Moon applying to benefics (Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun), and if selling, it is best when she is applying to malefics (Saturn, Mars) . Application to benefics signifies increase and profit, and application to malefics, decrease in price or loss of value.

12. Avoid the new Moon or full Moon. New Moon may be good for activities you want to keep secret. Both new Moon and full Moon are often used for spiritual rituals, but for the mundane affairs where we desire success, these energies are not helpful or balanced. Traditional astrology considers Combustion (being corporally with the Sun), or opposition to the Sun, the worst afflictions, even more debilitating than Mars or Saturn afflicting aspects. 13. If you're doing specific elections, make sure the house you're electing for is also in good condition: free of malefics (though Saturn or Mars in good zodiacal state may be OK), negative aspects of malefics, and Lord of the house is not cadent, not afflicted by Mars, Saturn, combustion of the Sun, and in direct motion). 14. For example, if it is a job interview election, you want to make sure Lord 1 (ruler of the Asc) and Lord 10 (ruler of MC) are in good aspects, and not afflicted. You may want to have the Sun or Jupiter in the 10H, or sending an aspect to the 10 house associated with career and public success. 15. If you're looking to buy something movable, make sure the Moon is in good zodiacal state, and is in aspect with the Lord 2 (ruler of the 2 house). 16. If you're looking to buy a house, Lord 4 should be in good shape, and so on. 17. Finally, there should be sympathy between Lord of the Asc and Lord of the house you're electing for. They may be in aspect (trine, sextile or conjunction preferred) or in mutual reception (in each other signs). 18. It is imperative to have Lord 1 in strong position for something that you want to go successfully and for the person engaging in the elected activity to have impact on the matter. L1 should be direct in motion, in angular or succedent house, in positive aspects with the benefics and/or Lord of the house you're electing for. 19. A good election takes experience, and synthesis of many principles, so you can hire an experienced astrologer to do something more advanced, but every astrologer (beginner to advanced) can at least use Lunar days and other simplified elections. If you're interested in the electional consultation or have questions regarding an election, please contact Dr Lumen via her contact page. Dr Lumen teaches electional classes throughout the year, more information is on her courses page.


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