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When will I get a job?

Situation: My client is a senior computer technology professional, who has been looking for work for the past two months, and felt that the market was slow. On August 3rd, 2011, my client received an exciting call from a recruiter who had an interesting opportunity in Maryland, which was a very close fit to the client’s experience, and promised an excellent pay. Although my client is located on the West coast, the recruiter promised that telecommuting was possible for the right candidate. My client was hopeful and wanted to know if anything would come out of this opportunity. I erected a horary chart for the moment I received the question. Interpretation: The chart was erected in the hour of Venus, and my client (the querent), is represented by the Ascendant in Scorpio, and the Lord of the Ascendant (L1), Mars in Cancer. There is no agreement between the hour ruler and the Ascendant ruler, which may indicate that the chart is not radical (or not fit for judgment, according to traditional astrology). However, Mars well describes my client, who is a natal Aries Sun Sign and is dynamic, assertive, and energetic. I proceeded with the interpretation knowing that the question was sincere, and noting the agreement between my client’s qualities and the nature of Mars, L1. The first unfavorable sign was that the ascendant in the horary chart is in Via Combusta (a space in the zodiac, which is considered unfortunate)—in indication that the situation was not in favor of the querent. The second unfavorable indication was that that Mars, L1, is in its fall in Cancer, and placed in a traditionally unfortunate 8th House (Lilly, Christian Astrology). These showed that the querent—uncharacteristically for her usually confident and assertive Aries Sun—was not feeling strong and self-assured, and was in a place of worry and uncertainty. The job is symbolized by the sign on the cusp of the Midheaven (MC) Leo, and its ruler the Sun (L10), placed in Leo in the 9th house not far from the MC. This placement suggested that the company is influential and strong, and could be a good place to work for. However, there is no aspect between Lord1 (the querent) and Lord 10 (the job). The Sun and Mars are not making any major aspect between them (in traditional horary astrology only major aspects are usually used), and are not placed in each other’s places of dignities which would point to their mutual disposition. Finally, I looked at the Moon, another important significator of how the situation is going to develop. The Moon is in Libra and applying first to a sextile with Venus, than the Sun (the job), and then will conjunct Saturn. Venus, in this horary chart rules House 7, which represents the "other." From this it may be concluded that the job is likely to go to the competitor and not the querent. The only hopeful development is that Mercury, in its essential and accidental dignity, is also placed in the 10th house (another job opportunity), but is stationary and about to turn retrograde. The stationary planets are up to much “mischief” according to W. Lilly (Christian Astrology, Vol. 2), and retrograde motion is considered a debility, weakening the potential promise of the planet otherwise dignified. I judged that either the same company will return to my client after some time, or another opportunity from the past may resurface, as Mercury will go into retrograde and apply to a partile sextile with Mars (the querent) in about 1 degree. I estimated 3 weeks for this, because Mercury is stationary for two days, and then he will form a sextile with Mars in one degree, on the third day since the question was asked. Outcome: My client had a few talks with the recruiter who tried his best to get my client an interview with the company in question. Two weeks later, the recruiter told my client that the company invited two local candidates for in-house interviews. If they do not get the job, the company would want to interview my client over the phone. As of today there was no further communication with the company, and it looked like the job went to the other candidate. My client keeps looking for other opportunities. It remains to be seen when she finds a job and whether this company or some other from her past will approach her again. I’ll update this blog as soon as she lets me know. Update: My client never heard from this company again, but she was interviewed by another company in the beginning of September (after they "returned back" to her, when it did not work with another candidate), and they made her a job offer, on Sep. 5th, but the client refused because the nature of the project offered to her was not in line with where she wanted to go professionally. As of now (Sep. 25) she is still looking for the right opportunity.

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