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Best time to get a promotion. Electional chart


My client, a well-respected professor, was planning to apply for a promotion at her educational institution. The client has been working at her school for many years but did not hold the highest rank in the educational hierarchy. Receiving a higher rank would not only bring recognition of my client's talents and contribution to the school, but also the increased income and job security for her. The client requested me to elect the most optimal day for starting her application process, which consisted of having an interview with one of the officials at her school. The client was given a few dates and times to choose from for this important meeting. After comparing the available days, I have chosen one presented here as the most optimal for her goal.


Primary considerations

In the elected chart, my client is represented by the first house, with Taurus rising, and its ruler Venus (L1) placed in Aquarius in the 11th house. She is also represented by beneficial Jupiter placed a few degrees above the ascendant (but working for the first house), and the Moon in the first house. The Moon is especially powerful in this chart because of her dignity in Taurus, where she is in her domicile, and because of her angular position. Generally, the electional astrology does not consider placement of the Moon in the first house favorable for the querent. The Moon there represents fluctuations and lack of strength for the client. In this chart the Moon is very powerful and also supported by its wide conjunction with Jupiter, which indicates an increased strength and benefit for the querent. I judged that it was a good placement for this election.

Venus, representing the querent, is in the 11th house of hopes and friends, and while

she does not have an essential dignity in Aquarius--that is, she is not in her rulership, exaltation or triplicity, she is accidentally dignified by being placed in the beneficial 11th house of hopes. Having dignity ensures strength for the client and her capacity to influence the situation in the desired direction. The official in charge at her work place is shown by the 10th house and its Lord Saturn (L10) placed in Libra in the 6th house. Very favorably, Venus is applying to Saturn the ruler of the official in charge. Saturn is well dignified in Libra but weak by its placement in the 6th house, which I took as a sign that my client is stronger by position than the boss, and she will have stronger impact on this situation. Venus is applying to a trine with Saturn, with mutual reception, that is both Venus is in the sign of Saturn, and Saturn is in the sign of Venus making them very receptive and favorably disposed to each other. In other words, the boss is going to be receptive to the client application. It is important that the trine between Venus and Saturn is going to occur in the future, rather than the past, because future aspects show how this situation will develop.

Timing of the results

Venus is in a cadent house and fixed signs (both indicating slow development of the situation) and is applying to a Saturn in a cadent house and a cardinal sign (showing slow/fast timing). The trine will perfect in 11 degrees or units of time. These indications point to a relatively slow resolution of her query, at least 11 months, but because of the cardinal placement of Saturn, it will be shorter than 11 months. I thought that the process would take 11 weeks or about 3 months.


The client had been waiting for almost 6 months with no news on her re-ranking. Finally, on May 25th she received a notice that she has been unanimously voted into the full rank and with a high praise by the committee which reviewed her application. She will enjoy her new status in the next academic year, starting in September 2012. The re-ranking process took almost 6 months, and she will enjoy the benefits of it in 9 months since the time of her inquiry.

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