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Where is my cat? Will it come back?


A distressed client phoned me on a Saturday morning to report that her cat has gone missing since Friday evening. She usually allowed the cat out on the patio of her apartment building, but he always remained close by and returned home when she called his name. The day the cat disappeared, the client let him out and took a nap. About an hour or so later, when the client went out to get the cat, he was not in his usual nearby place and did not respond to her calls. The cat did not return home that evening. My client thought that the cat was stolen or taken by one of her neighbors. She wanted to know when and if the cat is coming back.


Arguments for recovery:

The querent is represented by the first house, and its ruler, Lord 1 (L1), Mercury in the 12 house (12H). The cat is symbolized by Saturn, Lord of the 6 house ( domestic animals and pets). I noticed that Saturn was in the first house of the chart, which is usually a negative sign indicating that the matter in question will not come to a desirable outcome, or simply not much will come out of it. However, in this chart, Saturn is Lord of the 6, representing the cat, and is placed in the 1H representing the querent. This was a positive indication that the cat is very close to the querent and his recovery is very likely. Mercury (Lord1) is in opposition to Neptune in the 6 house, suggesting that my client was confused and uncertain about the cat whereabouts and true reasons for his disappearance. Saturn’s strong angular placement and dignity in Libra, however, indicated to me that the pet was in good health, and likely wondered around on his own volition, rather than being enticed or stolen, as the querent suspected. The second positive sign was that both luminaries were above the earth, and even thought the question was asked on a New Moon (a weak position for the Moon which co-signifies our question), the Moon was applying to it dispositor, the Sun, dignified by position in the 11 house (accidental dignity) and its rulership of Leo (essential dignity). Another positive sign was that the Moon (the development of the matter in question) was applying to Saturn (the cat) after making a conjunction with the Sun. I judged that the cat will likely return on his own and soon.

Location of the cat:

Saturn is in an Air sign, indicating the place frequently visited by people, and elevated above ground. He could be in someone’s apartment upstairs, or simply on the top floor of the building. The Moon was in Leo and indicated a place near heat or fire: near chimneys or radiators, near iron or the walls and partitions of a house ( Both fire and air sign gave a sense of an elevated place, next to a source of heat, or a wall, and frequented by people The direction is East (Saturn is in the 1 House), and South East (the Moon is in the 11 house).

Timing of discovery:

I judged that the recovery would happen fast: either within a few hours (the Moon is applying to Saturn (the cat) in 6 degrees and to the Sun (luminary) in 1 degree) or few days, Saturn (L6) is angular which usually also supports a speedy recovery. However, because of the nature of Saturn which is slow, I thought the return will be delayed and estimated that the cat will come back within 6-7 days.


I called my client in the evening of Saturday and told her that the chart looked promising, and that the cat is likely not far from her, and will return on his own. I still needed more time to determine the details of the cat’s whereabouts and promised to call my client next morning with this information. On Sunday, around 12 pm, I called again to give additional details, but before I could say it, the happy client reported that after speaking with me on the phone, she went around her apartment building early Sunday morning calling the cat’s name, and shortly thereafter, her cat appeared from the stairs above and was taken home. She was not sure where he had spent the night but was happy to recover her friend!

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