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Where is my car RC?


While moving to a new office, I have misplaced my car key remote control. I remembered that I had it on the key chain throughout the day, but in the evening, when I wanted to lock the car, the remote control was missing. I erected a chart to help myself find the key RC. Interpretation: Considerations before judgement. The chart was elected in the hour of Mars suggesting possibly a quick re. I'm the querent represented by the lord of the Sagittarius ascendant, Jupiter. Jupiter is in an air element and so is Mars -- the agreement between the lord of the hour and the lord of the ascendant confirms that the chart is radical or fit for judgement. Signs for discovery and location: The missing item car remote control key is shown by the second house of possessions with Capricorn on its cusp, and Saturn, Lord 2, placed in the 11th house in its exaltation in Libra. The position of Saturn in the house of hopes and in high dignity is a favorable sign that the key is not damaged or lost. Libra is associated with barns, places where wood is cut, upper rooms in houses, chambers, little houses and closets. At the very least, the item is not on the ground, as air signs indicate somewhat elevated places. Saturn points to dark or isolated places. The sun is above the horizon, and the moon has just set but is still working for the 7th house being less than 3* from the house cusp. These are favorable signs that the RC key will be found. Also the angular moon is always a positive sign of discovery, unless she is much afflicted. The moon in Gemini is about to conjunct Jupiter (me), another indication that the key will be found, as the Moon is co-significator of the lost item and the situation development in general, and will contact me, the owner. The moon in Gemini point to chests, high places, offices, and near communication equipment, cars, and papers. Part of fortune is conjunct Saturn (the missing key), also points out that the key will be found. I came to a resolute conclusion that the key will be found and fast. The location was clearly not on the ground, likely next to equipment, or in the car, or in a box with papers. If we take direction from the Moon, it is West, if we take it from Saturn (the significator for the RC key) it is south-east. Timing of discovery The moon will conjunct Jupiter (me) in less than 2 degrees. I judged that the key will be discovered within 1.5 day. I thought it was close to my husband's belongings, because the conjunction is going to take place in the 7th house. Outcome: I searched my car and everywhere around equipment in the houses we had visited on the day of the loss, but could not find the key. Next morning my husband found the key in the trunk of my car. The discovery took less than 16 hours or one day since the question was asked. I must have dropped the key in the trunk while moving different things in an out of it. The car was located west of our apartment. If I took into account that Jupiter also represents my husband because of its placement in the 7th house, I could have concluded that the key may be found by him.

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