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Psychological self in classical astrology hybrid workshop Sept 24th, 2023

In this workshop, Dr. Lumen will introduce a structured step-by-step approach to interpreting psychological temperament and character in natal charts from the traditional point of view. We will discuss which planets are most domineering in our nativities, how Ascendant plays an important role in our interaction with the world, and character formation, and what psychological temperaments they represent. In addition, we will look at synastry between the charts, and look deeper into the synthesis of the nativity This brand new workshop, developed for the LCAA summarizes western traditional astrology theories on reading one's temperament and character in addition to Dr Lumen's clinical experience working as a psychologist. To make matters more experiential, we will get in touch with our own nativities more deeply. This workshop will be followed by a lecture on Mental health issues in nativity on September 25th, which complements this discussion by addressing various challenges people face with their mental health. to register go to the LCAA website:


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