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Will he contact me again? A relationship query


A client e-mailed to ask about the potential for a new romantic relationship with a man she had met a few months prior at a coffee shop. They felt immediately attracted to each other and ended up having an enjoyable conversation that lasted for a few hours. After the initial connection, however, the client experienced that her interest was “hot and cold” and occasionally showed interest in spending time together, while, at other times, declined and appeared emotionally cold and withdrawn. She felt hurt and wondered if there was any future in this relationship.


In this chart my client (the querent) is signified by the Ascendant in Capricorn, and Saturn, Lord of the Ascendant, placed in Libra in the 9th house. My client’s romantic interest is signified by the 7th house (with Cancer on its cusp), and the Moon, Lord of the 7th house, also placed in the 9th house in conjunction with Saturn. In traditional astrology, 7th house is used for inquires related to romantic interests and prospective partnership, while the 5th house, sometimes used by modern astrologers for questions pertaining to romance, has been traditionally associated with pleasure and children.

Saturn, the Lord of the Ascendant, and the main significator for my client has dignity in Libra, which indicates that she is a just, serious, and able person, capable of hard work and commitment (the client later confirmed she is a manger at a firm). Being placed in cadent house, Saturn is not in a strong position to express its good qualities. I concluded that my client does not have a lot of power to influence this situation. The man in question is represented by the Moon, known for its changeable nature, and not having dignity in Libra (a wanderer and, apparently, not having much to offer). Since the Moon is a swifter planet, I concluded that the partner approached my client and expressed interest first, but because the conjunction was separating it did not look like the relationship was going to continue. Applying aspects generally indicate new developments and action in a situation, while separating aspects point to things which have already occurred.

The partner is someone with changeable moods and desires, possibly depressed and generally not being in a great place in his life because the Moon was separating from a conjunction with Saturn. I concluded that the man had hurtful experiences recently and probably needed help or support from my client. Cancer lies on the cusp of the 7 house and shows the man’s family oriented nature, with strong engagement and commitment to his family.

I also noticed that the Moon was applying to Mars in the 12 house, which is also conjunct Mercury. Mercury Mars conjunction is notorious for dishonest communications, and their placement in the 12th house pointed to some secret that the man held. In conclusion, the chart did not indicate any favorable future development of this relationship for my client, and I advised her that the man she was interested in is not in a place in his life where he could offer much. Even though she had a genuine interest in him (Saturn receives the Moon in Libra), there was no indication of continuation of their relationship or of a good compatibility between the two of them that would ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.


About a year later, I followed up with a client to see how the events unfolded. She replied with a humorous report about the man in question, entitled “The Loser report.” My client stated that after our reading she checked the county records and found out that the man had lied to her about the duration of his divorce and the choices he made about his children and ex spouse. He was still tightly connected to his ex-wife by having joint custody and their mutual engagement in family business. My client got disillusioned with the man. Neither of them contacted the other again.

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