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New class! Advanced Horary Astrology starts on February 3rd, 2023 at 5 pm Pacific time online

This is a unique opportunity to join a new advanced class for those who have already completed introductory training in horary but wish to go to the next level of mastery, and gain confidence, and advanced skills working with more complex or rare topics in horary. Students will be introduced to the secrets and advanced theories and practice of horary astrology based on Arabic, Persian ,and other classical astrologers. Class is limited to 8 people, so each student could get individual attention and tutoring from the instructor.

* There are 3 spots left for this class About Elena Lumen, PhD. Elena has been a professional astrologer since 2000, with the special interest and training in classical astrology. She also holds a PhD in psychology. Elena has been teaching horary and electional astrology since 2015 at Kepler college, and for the past few years at the International Academy of Astrology in the USA. In addition, Elena Lumen is a frequent presenter at the leading astrological organizations, such as ISAR, AFAN, NCGR, and abroad. Contact Elena directly with questions or to sign up

Costs: A private class is offered at discounted price of $325 per student, which can be paid upfront, or monthly with a deposit of $125 to reserve your spot. * there are some discounts available based on need or for Elena's current or former students who wish to continue their studies

Where: We meet online on Zoom , Fridays at 5 pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles time zone)/8 PM Eastern Time/Morning of Saturday for Asia and Australia Structure of the class: We will meet for 7 weeks, and each class will last for 1.5 hours. At the end, students will get certification of advanced proficiency in horary astrology. This class requires basic to intermediate skills in horary astrology which can be gathered from other trainings or experience working with horary.

Topics covered: 1) Delineation techniques: what is most important and what is less relevant in horary analysis. Perfection secrets from Arabic and Persian astrologers. Why perfection is sometimes brought by the VOC moon, and why aspects do not always bring perfection in the chart.

2) Dignities and debilities and powerful details they provide in horary analysis What are profiles and characters of the people in horary? 3) Multiple choice questions: What is best choice among two or more choices? 4) Receptions, and their meaning in horary queries, understanding compatibility and satisfaction in relationships horaries. Is there a third person? Should I stay or should I leave, and other complex questions.

5) Timing of events: working with luminaries in horary, mundane transits, and lunar returns for more precise and accurate timing predictions 6) Sports competitions, wars and conflicts, and legal charts 7) Using lots, antiscias and fixed stars in horary reading.

8) Unusual or rare questions


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